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Arcx Studio

  Arcx Studio is WBE and Ohio EDGE certified with licensure in Ohio, Kentucky and Florida. The two founding principles, Katie Conner and Ernie Palmer, both gained experience working in large corporate architectural firms. Katie co-founded a successful workplace focused firm in Orlando, FL before relocating to Ohio. Ernie's primarily experience is large-scale Health Care / Life Science projects with a focus on Lean Design Strategies. Together, Katie and Ernie have a strong understanding of the design and construction process. 

Our Design Process

  Every project is a unique undertaking. Each will have goals and challenges unlike the next. Arcx Studio's process begins by gaining an understanding of our Client's desired outcome and identifying an efficient path to that outcome. This path typically includes the layout of spaces to accommodate function (space planning), the inclusion of end users to maximize efficiency, navigating building code requirements/budget constraints and designing for efficient construction sequencing. This approach, along with providing a healthy and pleasing environment, is customized to the scale and complexity of each project.

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